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CLS2-R1 Concourse hearing loop driver

The Ampetronic CLS2-R1 is a derivative of Ampetronic’s popular and proven CLS2 technology that has been modified to allow easy installation and quick connection to a range of Public Address systems in public transport waiting area applications. The CLS2-R1 meets with the transport sectors exacting electromagnetic safety requirements and standards for electrical equipment in high voltage areas.

The capable and compact driver unit is designed specifically for mounting behind panels or within enclosures. All connections are preconfigured and easily accessible on the bottom of the unit.

The reliable CLS2-R1 is designed to be on continually, with minimal maintenance required, and is backed by Ampetronic’s standard 5 year warranty and comprehensive support services.

Applications include:

• Railway station platform waiting areas
• Tram station waiting areas
• Bus shelters
• Bus station waiting areas
• Ski-lift waiting areas
• PA enabled Taxi ranks

Product code:

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Standards
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  • • Quick and simple to install
    • Complies with Railway EN50121-4 safety standard
    • Area coverage to >400m2
    • Configurable inputs designed specifically for a range of PA systems
    • Panel or enclosure mounting
    • Metal Loss Correction
    • 5 Year warranty
    • Preconfigured connections
    • Free Technical support

  • The CLS2-R1 enclosure is designed for simple, permanent installation. Connections are preconfigured and controls are accessible underneath the removable lid to deter unwanted post commissioning adjustments with indicator LEDs clearly visible on the front panel. The case is designed to make access simple, and to ensure the amplifier can be installed in the most constrained spaces.


    Designed for vertical panel or wall mounting mounting using 4 screws (6 holes provided). The CLS2-R1 is compact enough to fit on a 1U rack tray with feet removed.

    Enclosure access:

    Removable lid, secured by 4 Phillips PH2 screws. Lid can be removed completely if required, for ease of access.

    Cable connections:

    Input 1 is suitable for use with balanced microphone or balanced low power line signals. Inputs 2 & 3 are preconfigured to suit a range of PA Systems. AC power input and fuse are located in the IEC power connector. The unit also features an M6 ground stud.


    3 LED indicators are visible with the case open or closed:
    • AGC (Amber) LED lit when input signal is activating the automatic gain control
    • Current (Green) LED lit when current is running in the loop
    • Power (Green) LED lit when the unit has power controls four controls are located to be accessed only with the lid open, all screwdriver adjustable.
    • Level controls for inputs 1, 2 and 3
    • Metal loss correction
    • Loop drive current

    Perimeter Loops – Area Coverage (maximum):

    Room aspect ratio1:12:13:1
    Maximum area m2250310400

    For any Induction Loop System, area coverage is dependent on several factors. Please check these assumptions and contact Ampetronic for advice if required:
    • Loop must be 1-2m above or below the receiver (hearing aid) height
    • There should be no metal structures in the plane of the loop
    • Sufficient voltage to drive the loop – check the cable table below

    Maximum Cable Length:

    The CLS2-R1 is designed for SINGLE TURN loops for optimum audio quality:
    • Loops with DC resistance from 0.2Ω
    • Impedance up to a maximum of 1.3Ω
    Maximum cable length is dependent on cable type and on the application:

    Cable typeNormal use (m)Transient speech (m)
    1.0mm2 copper49 57
     2.5mm2 copper 67 85
     4.0mm2 copper 70 91
     1.8mm2 flat copper tape 87 101


    Input 1Input 1 Balanced Mic, balanced or unbalanced line
    Input impedance 10kΩ per side
    Min level (MIC / Line -73dBu / -31dBu
    Max level (MIC / Line) -37dBu / +5dBu
    Phantom voltage MIC only +12V
    Input 2Isolated 100V line or low impedance mono
    or stereo speaker
    Input impedance 100V Line / spkr 120kΩ / 7.8kΩ
    Min level 100V Line / spkr +14dBu / -9dBu
    Max level 100V Line / spkr >+47dBu / >+27dBu
    Input 3Isolated 100V line or low impedance mono
    or stereo speaker
    Input impedance 100V Line / spkr 120kΩ / 7.8kΩ
    Min level 100V Line / spkr +14dBu / -9dBu
    Max level 100V Line / spkr >+47dBu / >+27dBu
    AC power input supply230V 30Ws 45-65Hz
    110V option available
    Connected via chassis mounted screw terminal
    Input fuseT250mA


    Drive voltage>6.47VRMS – 9.0Vpk
    Drive Current1kHz sine wave >5ARMS 7.0Apk
    Continuous pink noise 2.3ARMS 7.0Apk
    Short term peaks >7ARMS 10Apk
    Minimum Loop Resistance0.2Ω
    Maximum Loop Impedance1.3Ω


    Idle1/6 peak Output Current1/3 peak Output CurrentFull Power
    Driver ChannelsCurrent (ARMS)Load Resistance (Ohms)AC In (W)BTUAC In (W)BTUAC In (W)BTUAC In (W)BTU

    Audio system:

    Frequency Response80Hz to 6.3kHz ±3dB
    Automatic Gain Control(AGC) Optmised for speech. Dynamic range >36dB
    Metal loss correction(MLC) 0 to 3dB per octave frequency correction
    (1kHz remains constant). Control mounted on PCB.


    CoolingNatural convection
    EnvironmentIP20, -10°C to +40°C
    DimensionsW, H, D: 200mm, 200mm, 44mm
    MountingWall mounting, secured by 4 screws
  • The CLS2-R1 is CE marked to all relevant safety and EMC standards, including EN50121, EN60065 and EN55103. Safe operation is subject to correct installation. The CLS2-R1 will meet the requirements of IEC60118-4 and the relevant recommendations of BS7594 if specified and installed correctly.

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