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To facilitate the implementation of complex loop designs such as those required for very large area coverage, spill control, metal loss compensation or balcony coverage, Ampetronic provide a range of ancillary equipment.
Ampetronic often design Audio Induction Loop Systems that are more complex than the simple ‘wire-around-wall’ installations when customers require specialised systems or have demanding specifications to meet.

These systems vary from very large area requirements such as cathedrals, sports halls, etc. to irregular-shaped areas, loop systems requiring low-spillover for confidentiality, or proximity to other induction loops. Modern buildings often incorporate large amounts of metal in their structures, and the frequency dependent losses caused by this require special attention. For many of the special situations listed above, and others, Ampetronic have a range of special products that enable these requirements to be met with essentially ‘standard’ units. For the majority of situations, these units are set up in the factory for a particular location, and this is part of our design support work.

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