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ILC4 combining unit

The ILC4 is integral to Ampetronic’s Parallel drive™ technology and is designed to hold up to 4 ratio transformers. The unit is designed to sum the output currents of multiple loop drivers to cope with high current and voltage loop demands. The units are factory configured to match the loop amplifier(s) with the actual loop impedance for maximum efficiency. This enables very large areas to be covered; it can also be used with loop applications where very high metal loss is expected. Using the parent – child system found on our professional loop driver product range, areas up to 4000 m² (43000 ft²) can be successfully covered.

Always contact Ampetronic when considering the use of the ILC4 as there are a wide range of transformation options. The ILC4 is built into a standard 2U high rack mount case supplied with rack mount hardware.

Product code: SILC04

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