Training examples

In the first four videos Richard, Jonathan and Sam show how to prepare the area, install a hearing loop, connect the Ampetronic driver and test and commission the system to IEC60118-4 2006 Standard. These videos are only designed to give an overview of the installation process; however, you can learn all of the techniques in full on our Practical Installer training course - see here for more information..

At the bottom of the page there are more in depth videos explaining how to work with copper tape, a metal loss demonstration and how to integrate a HLS-DM1 into an intercom system.

All of the videos have closed captioning. This can be turned on or off depending on the user’s preference.

Video 1. Preparing the area and laying the loop(s) using flat copper tape.


Video 2. A time-lapse showing how the loop arrays are formed in the area.


Video 3. Soldering the copper tape to the feed cable, connecting to the driver and simple fault checks.


Video 4. Testing and commissioning a hearing loop to IEC 60118-4 Standard using an Ampetronic Field Strength Meter.


Video 5. Working with flat copper tape whilst installing a hearing / induction loop.


Video 6. A metal loss demonstration and how it affects hearing / induction loops.



Video 7. Integrating a HLS-DM1 hearing / induction loop driver into an intercom.

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