Ampetronic launches C Series networkable hearing loop drivers

Oct 31, 2018

Ampetronic Launch Game Changing Networkable C Series Hearing Loop Driver

September 2018 release

The new C Series hearing loop drivers from Ampetronic mark the development of a substantial new technology platform for assistive listening.  C Series units not only feature digital signal processing and networking functionality, but enable fast, accurate setup and adjustment via a very simple and easy to use digital interface.

Extensive research and development and rigorous design principles have enabled Ampetronic to engineer the C Series in such a way that it offers the high end performance, consistency and certainty usually associated with top of the range hearing loop drivers, all for the price of a mid-range amplifier.  Class ‘D’ drivers built into the C Series also ensure low running costs and reduced carbon footprint.

The C Series has the added benefit of networking capability, enabling installers, technicians and facilities managers to remotely control the driver and monitor its status along with resistance and induction measurements. Email condition alerts provide reassurance that, regardless of location, an operator will be informed of any issues with performance delivery.  Networking also provides the opportunity for future integration with Loopworks Measure for automated commissioning.

The C Series is now available for system specification in Loopworks Design which affords user direct access to expert design support, design time which is 10x faster than designing by hand, and added competitive advantage through reduced design costs.

Commenting on the launch, Marketing Projects Manager for Ampetronic, Chris Baxter told us:

“In line with our passionate support and promotion of accessibility for those with hearing loss, we have made a highly effective hearing loop solution accessible at an affordable price, so there is now no reason why any venue aiming to be inclusive and open their doors to everyone, shouldn’t install a hearing loop solution that provides a genuine benefit”


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About Ampetronic:

Founded in 1987, Ampetronic are innovators in the full range of induction loop and hearing loop systems and technologies. As passionate advocates for technology solutions which improve lives of those with hearing loss, Ampetronic design, manufacture, and promote loop systems, around the world. Key technologies include current drive and phase shift arrays.  For more information, visit  or follow us at:

How hearing loops work:

Find out more about how hearing loops work. Hearing loops can be installed in a variety of environments. Larger venues such as theatres, conference facilities and houses of worship. Smaller, one-on-one communication settings can benefit too, such as at ticket counters and in meeting rooms. Hearing loops can also be installed in taxis, trains, buses, and trams.

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