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T14-1 to XA88 Transition Summary

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A comparison of the T14-1 and XA88 showing the main features for transition.

  • Which T14-1 version is equivalent to my XA88 model?
XA88 versionEquivalent T14-1 version
T14-1LW or T14-1LH*

T14-1UW or T14-1 UH

‘L’ versions operate on 24 to 36 V DC nominal supply
‘H’ versions operate on 72 to 110 V DC nominal supply

In both cases, the normal voltage variations of EN50155:2017 are supported.

*For use on buses and similar vehicles, the XA88-24DC-2 is replaced by the T14-1LB which carries ECE‑R10 and other relevant compliances – please see T14-1LB data sheet (available on request).

  • Which connector should I choose?

The T14-1 range has different connectors from the XA88’s MIL-C-5015 circular connectors. There is now a choice:

Wago 769 (‘W’ versions): robust, easy-to-wire, spring clamp contacts, strong connector retention, cable strain relief plates available, lower cost

Harting HAN-3D (‘H’ versions): industrial, sealed, strong lever-latching connectors, with gold-plated crimp contacts, but at higher cost than the Wago 769.

  • Physical and mounting details differ but are similar:
Physical dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)251 x 320 x 89 mm258 (295 flanges) x 221 x 55 mm
Mounting holes6 qty M4 tapped holes in underside4 qty M4 clear holes mounting flanges at side
Mounting orientationHorizontal with airflow through heatsinkAny orientation, no heatsink
Rack tray options2U, 300 mm rack tray2U, 300 mm rack tray 2U, 430 mm (19-inch) rack tray
Drawings available:2D drawings 3D STEP models  2D drawings 3D STEP models mounting template

  • Environmental and compliance parameters are almost identical
Environment temperature-40°C to +70°C-40°C to +70°C
IP ratingIP43IP40
Rail ElectronicsEN50155EN50155:2017
EMCEN50121-3-2, EN50121-4EN50121-3-2, EN50121-4, EN 55032, EN 55035, 2014/53/EU (R.E.D.)
Fire SafetyEN45545 (HL3)EN45545 (HL3)
Product SafetyEN60065 UL compliant PSUEN62368-1 CB and UL compliance in progress
VibrationEN61373 (and Amtrak rqts)EN61373 (and Amtrak rqts)
Road vehicle complianceUN/ECE-R10 inc. EN 50498:2010.UN/ECE-R10 inc. EN 50498:2010.
Material safety2011/65/EU (RoHS)2011/65/EU (RoHS)

A compliance data package is available upon request. Please see contact details below.

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