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T14-1 to XA88 Comparison Table

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FeatureXA88 rangeT14-1 rangeBenefit of T14-1
Power variants3 options:    24 VDC                       72 VDC                       110 VDC2 options    L:    24 – 36 VDC                      U:   72 – 110 VDC Different pin per voltage on connectorFewer variants (simpler fleet support stock) No damage if wrong version fitted
Capability11 ARMS 7.5 VRMS
(82.5 VARMS)
14 ARMS 23 VRMS (322 VARMS)~ 25% more Current ~ 200% more Volts ~ 300% more VA
Power Consumption([i])  Typical audio: 70 W Quiescent (idle): 10 W Peak([ii]): 150 WTypical audio: 57 to 61 W Quiescent (idle): 10 to 15 W Peak(ii): 233 to 252 W>400% better efficiency (audio) similar idle efficiency > 130% better efficiency (peak)
Typical loop([iii])~ 15m x 2.8m max
typically 2 units for 25m rail vehicle if full output needed
~ 38m x 2.8m max
typically 1 unit for 25m rail vehicle([iv])
~ 150% more or 2.5x capability  
Heat output/ CoolingExternal heatsink requires airflow/ventilation and correct orientationNo heatsink – case dissipates heat Mount in any orientationMore flexible mounting Limited heat dissipation Minimal ventilation needed
MountingHoles in base – requires bracket or shelf, must be horizontalSide mounting flanges Fit in any orientation Rack trays available 19” and 300mmSimpler and more flexible mounting. More choice for location.
ConnectionsMIL-C-5015 (usually solder termination)2 options:  Wago 769 (wire clamp)              Or:  Harting HAN-Q (crimp pin)Easier wire termination Popular connection types
ControlsAnalogue front panel adjustmentEthernet i/f and internal website USB configuration upload Telnet and SNMP supportedSimpler, more precise and repeatable setup allows fleet rollout.
Inputs2 qty Analogue, isolation 1500V (Input 1: 2V/30V, Input 2: 2V/100V)2 qty Analogue, isolation 1500V (Both inputs 2V / 30V / 100V) Ethernet VOIP option (SIP/RTP)More input flexibility New SIP/RTP option
MonitoringSimple fault relay with some loop monitoring during signal deliveryContinuous loop monitor, multiple fault types, alert by status relay, email, telnet poll or SNMPBetter monitoring and alerts, more options.
Price72 and 110 VDC options more costly than 24 VDCAll power variants similar price. Typically similar or lower priceLower/similar price for greater capability and more options
ComplianceEN 50155:2017
(inc. EN 50121-3-2, EN 45545 HL3, EN 61373)([v])
 EN 50155:2017
(inc. EN 50121-3-2, EN 45545 HL3, EN 61373)([v])
Equal or better compliance

[i] Power consumption varies slightly depending on supply voltage and signal conditions. Efficiency is shown proportionate to available VA output.

[ii] Short-term peak at maximum rated 1kHz sine output signal.

[iii] At unit max current, single-turn loop with 2.5 mm2 loop wire and up to 3 m twin twisted 2.5 mm2 feed cable driver to loop. The best loop installation for a project may differ. Please consult Ampetronic for more details.

[iv] At same current as XA88 maximum a T14-1 loop may be up to 49 m x 2.8 m, i.e. 225% more / 3.25x capability. At full T14-1 current a shorter loop can be driven. Based on 2.5 mm2 copper wire loop, 1-turn.

[v] XA88-24DC-2 does not have a floating power supply; the supply is ground-referenced. This is compatible with most operating environments experienced. The T14-1 (all versions), XA88-72DC-2 and XA88-110DC-2 all have a floating power supply.

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