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Crimps and crimp tool

Cable crimps connect feed cables from a driver to flat copper tape loops in a quick, easy and effective manner. Crimps also help to negate the requirement for a hot works permit, which can sometimes be a struggle to acquire onsite when you need to solder the copper tape to the feed cables.

The crimp tool compresses the connector to the round feed cable and clamps the teeth of the crimp onto the copper tape. There are three different types of crimps, two for different gauge wires (10-12AWG and 14-16AWG) and one for extending lengths of copper tape (Termi-foil splice crimp).

Applications include:

  • Places where a hot works are not permitted
  • Under floor Multiloops / Phased Array

Product code:

FH50501     10-12 AWG
FH50502       Termi-foil splice crimp
14-16 AWG


  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Downloads
    • Quick and simple to install
    • Helps negate a hot works permit
    • Different wire gauge sizes available
    • Copper tape to copper tape crimps available
  • Termi-foil double face crimp, 10-12AWG (3.3mm² to 5mm²)
    Wire Gauge:10-12AWG (3.3mm² to 5mm²)
    Insulation:Not Insulated
    Contact Plating:Tin
    Contact Material:Copper
    Size:27.1mm x 11.5mm


    Termi-foil double face crimp, 14-16AWG (1.3mm² to 2mm²)
    Wire Gauge:14-16AWG (1.3mm² to 2mm²)
    Insulation:Not Insulated
    Contact Plating:Nickel
    Contact Material:Copper
    Size:24.5mm x 11.5mm


    Termi-foil splice tape to tape crimp
    Insulation:Not Insulated
    Contact Plating:Tin
    Contact Material:Copper
    Size:24.5mm x 11.5mm

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