New HLS-2D Metal Loss Test Driver

Oct 15, 2019

Combined with the Loopworks Measure R1 or Ampetronic FSM, the HLS-2D Metal Loss Test Driver delivers a preset output level to give consistent test results, ideal as an aid to quick and simple site assessments.

The HLS-2D is the only truly portable hearing loop test driver that is capable of generating test signals to the IEC60118-4 Standard.

  • Determine the best loop (perimeter loop or MultiLoop™) for the room and application
  • Compact and lightweight. Ideal for loop testing in all environments.
  • Quick and simple operation. Quick set up made easy with industry standard connectors
  • Excellent reliability, 5 year warranty and free technical support.
  • Can be used to test existing loops and for powering a temporary loop e.g. for small shows,exhibitions,

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Visit the following YouTube videos for Perimeter and MultiLoop test procedures:

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