Overspill loop


Counters, help points, reception desks, ticket counters, other one-to-one applications


Small rectangular loop typically mounted vertically on a panel or wall well above or below head height, e.g. under a ticket counter desk on the front panel. Typically multiple turns to achieve high field strengths (single turn is possible with specially adapted amplifiers)


A standard preformed multi-turn loop is provided with the CLD1 and ILD20 products.
Creates a very small volume of field that meets the required standards, up to 200 x 400 x 400mm in size for Ampetronic systems, rather less for other available systems. Suitable only where the user is in a well defined position relative to the loop.
Metal counters or panels can stop a useful field strength being produced. Allowing the top edge of the loop to project beyond a metal panel can rectify this problem. Contact Ampetronic for specific guidance on overspill loop design.

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