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The Scotch Whisky experience is a truly unique establishment housing the world’s largest collection of scotch whisky at 3384 bottles. The SWE offers a tremendous amount of entertainment including a whisky training course, restaurant serving traditional Scottish food, a whisky shopwhisky tastings, a hospitality venue for functions and an interactive tour that includes a barrel ride giving visitors a deep insight into the distillery process.

It is in the above-mentioned barrel ride that Ampetronic hearing loop equipment is installed. The vehicles themselves are whisky barrels and the ride uses both visual and audio interaction to explain the distilling process of Scotch whisky to visitors. The SWE brilliantly recognized the necessity for equal access here for their hard of hearing visitors, Subsequently Electrosonic Ltd installed small hearing loops using our equipment inside the barrels themselves, “Each barrel is equipped with a multi-channel audio system, augmented by sound from within the scenic elements of the ride.” Gemma Fabian, Electrosonic LTD.


Equipment used

  • CLD1’s on each ‘barrel’ carriage on the ride experience

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