The London Underground

Location: United Kingdom

The London Underground was formed in 1985 and has history that dates back as far as 1863, the world-renowned transportation system has become the veins and arteries of London life.  Transport for London provides its travellers with a reliable means of transport through a network of underground trains that average 2.7 million journeys a day.

The London Underground has taken a positive approach to the Equality Act of 2010. Rather than wasting money in merely attaining compliance they are committed to making a difference and improving the life of the hearing impaired traveller and those that interface with them. They will provide assistive listening systems such as induction loops at ticket halls, help points, platforms, walkways and lifts. With safety and reliability of equal importance to performance, Ampetronic induction loops are installed across the Underground system. Where necessary we have custom designed our equipment suitable for this safety critical environment.

Equipment used: