Location: United Kingdom

Greggs is a well-known high street bakers that provides the public with freshly baked produce on a daily basis. With the very first store opening in 1951 by baker John Gregg they have retained there “good, honest family values” and have grown into a nationwide powerhouse with over 1651 stores in the UK. Greggs pride themselves in being “supportive in all that we do, open, honest and appreciative, treating everyone with fairness, consideration and respect.” This consideration to treat everybody fairly is what drives their desire to provide equality of access to customers with hearing loss.

ESL Services, one of the United Kingdom’s foremost disability access auditors, were appointed by Greggs to complete a Disabled Access & Compliance Audit, ensuring that the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the Equality Act of 2010 are being adhered to. This of course means that people with hearing loss have equal access to the same over the counter service as any other customer.

After the audit was completed a need for standard compliant loop systems within the stores was identified. This began with the installation of CLD1 Kits through nine stores in Cardiff during June/July of 2012. A further five stores in Bristol and Northern Scotland, all using CLD1 Kits, are now utilising Standard Compliant Counter Induction Loop systems; providing optimum benefit to the end user.

ESL have an ongoing project to see Ampetronic counter loops installed across the full 1651+ stores in the UK over the next 7 years, this is part of a continued effort by Greggs, with ESL’s assistance,  to produce higher levels of customer satisfaction and equal access to customers with hearing loss. Bill Menzies from ESL Services is very proud of the quality of his work and stated that “We only recommend the best products – Ampetronic have the best”.


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