Dominican Convent

Location: St Lazare, Marseille, France

The Ampetronic induction loop currently used at the Dominican Convent St Lazare – 13006 Marseille was installed by Electroacoustique Consultant – EAC and was coincided with the expansion of the Convent. The installation of an induction loop was considered an essential part of the restoration project and has provided the hard of hearing community that resides at the St Lazare with equal access.


The room is equipped with many different audio sources including microphones, video, PCs, a projector and auxiliary sources. All of these can be fed into the induction loop and therefore directly into the users ear through a hearing aid set to “T” mode.


The loop has been placed into a new building and due to metal reinforcements in the concrete it was necessary to displace the loop to ensure that it was standard compliant and adhered to the EIEC 60118-4 Standard. By displacing the loop (installing it at a specific distance above head height), it was possible to install a perimeter loop powered by a singular ILD1000G, where otherwise a floor level phased array would have been required.


The client has also taken advantage of the ILD3+ testing equipment to ensure that they can maintain the proper operation of the induction loop and ensure that it is a consistently compliant and reliable induction loop. In the end, due to displacement, a simple, easier and cheaper perimeter could be installed and powered by a singular ILD1000G.


For more information you can read the original French document from our Distributor BIM Concept France below.

Chantier Couvent St Lazare Marseille synthèse


Equipment used:



BIM Concept



Electroacoustique Consultant – EAC


Image credit – BIM Concept