Ampetronic Launches Compact Class D OEM Intercom Hearing Loop Solution

Jun 2, 2014

World leading induction loop manufacturer Ampetronic have revealed a new low profile compact hearing loop solution for integration into intercom applications such as lifts, help points, drive-thrus, car park barriers and door entry systems where space is at a premium.

Integration of hearing loop technology into intercom applications is essential for hearing aid users, who struggle to use traditional systems in the busy and noisy environments that they are normally associated with - as hearing aids cannot fully separate the speaker sound from the surrounding din.

A good quality system is crucial if intelligibility of the sound is to be maintained, and as would be expected from an Ampetronic designed solution, the unit features Metal Loss Correction and Automatic Gain Control whist producing ample power and sufficient voltage headroom to allow IEC 60118-4 Standard compliant performance to be achieved.

The Hearing Loop System Driver Module (HLS-DM) continues years of market leading innovation and features Class D efficiency to reduce power requirement and heat output, drawing less than 2.4W with typical signals.

Measuring only 70 x 90mm and with a profile of just 9mm the Hearing Loop Module is designed to be easily and simply integrated into enclosures where space is at a premium. It also features fixed clamp connectors to decrease the time and awkwardness associated with fitting and can be mounted using either the M3 holes or using an insulated sticky pad.

The HLS-DM is offered in a range of power options including; 8-22V DC, 115/230V AC and Power over Ethernet and is also available in an IP rated enclosure.

Ampetronic’s new products also mark an adoption of the new Standard  EN 62489-1, an important new reference for measurement and rating of induction loop equipment. Providing all product data according to this standard ensures specifiers can make simple and transparent comparison against other equipment, removing potential for misleading or exaggerated performance claims.

The HLS-DM is available now and is the obvious choice for manufacturers of quality intercom systems who want to provide a genuine benefit to hearing aid wearers who use their equipment, whist also meeting the requirement to comply with the Equality Act and other anti-disability discrimination legislation.

Visit the HLD-DM product page for full specifications.

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