World Hearing Day 2024

Mar 3, 2024

Ampetronic celebrates World Hearing Day with local lipreading class students


World Hearing Day is a time to celebrate the importance of sound, it serves as a reminder of the impact of hearing loss on individuals and communities worldwide. As we commemorate this day on March 3rd, 2024, Ampetronic is proud to be actively involved in supporting Helen Barrow, Lipreading Tutor, and Hearing Loss Management Consultant from, in her efforts to demonstrate accessible technology to her group.

In collaboration with Helen, our team recently had the privilege of showcasing our tourguide system, ListenTALK, from Listen Technologies, to her Lipreading class in Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK. Joined by Ampetronic's Jon Hoskin, Ella Revil, and Adam Stringer, the class embarked on a journey through the historic town of Newark.

What made this collaboration particularly remarkable was witnessing first-hand the profound impact our technology had on Helen's students, many of whom are living with varying degrees of hearing loss. The clarity and effectiveness of ListenTALK were a revelation to them, with some expressing that it was the clearest they had heard in years. Their enthusiasm for incorporating ListenTALK into their upcoming group walk in April was truly heartwarming.

At Ampetronic, we recognise the significance of engaging with local communities and advocacy groups to ensure our Assistive Listening technology meets the diverse needs of individuals. Our commitment to facilitating hearing access extends beyond mere compliance to genuine inclusivity. With a diverse range of technologies at our disposal, we strive to provide tailored solutions that address specific needs and empower those who rely on our technology.

As we observe World Hearing Day, let us renew our dedication to advocating for accessibility and inclusion. Together, let us continue our collective efforts to ensure that everyone, regardless of hearing ability, has the opportunity to hear and be heard.


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