Area coverage drivers

Ampetronic Area coverage hearing loop drivers can be used for the broadest range of room or area coverage loops, from a waiting room to a sports stadium. All of our amplifiers are backed by our 5 year warranty and produce unrivalled sound quality and intelligibility.

We provide a wide range of drivers as shown below – contact us if you need help selecting the right system or visit Loopworks to design and specify your own loop systems.  Go to the loop design section of the information centre for more help.

Area coverage hearing loop drivers:

  • C Series hearing loop drivers
    The C Series hearing loop drivers from Ampetronic mark a substantial development in assistive listening technology; offering:

    • Performance, consistency and certainty of results, for the price of a mid-range driver
    • Simple digital interface for accurate setup and adjustment
    • Low running and maintenance costs

Select from:

Perimeter loop drivers
C5-1 – 5ARMS output, single channel, 20VRMS
C7-1 – 7ARMS output, single channel, 20VRMS
C10-1 – 10ARMS output, single channel, 33.9VRMS

MultiLoop drivers
C5-2 – 5ARMS output, two channels, 20VRMS
C7-2 – 7ARMS output, two channels, 20VRMS
C10-2 – 10ARMS output, two channels, 33.9VRMS
C14-2 – 14ARMS output, two channels, 48.1VRMS

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