New Flagship Amplifier

Oct 11, 2010

The ILD1000G represents a major step forward in performance and value for high end Induction Loop Amplifiers. Ampetronic intends this new amplifier to replace the best selling ILD9, which has been the industry benchmark for high performance systems for over 15 years.

Based on a new class-G amplifier platform, the ILD100G is the most versatile amplifier on the market. The amplifier provides double the area coverage of the ILD9 for perimeter loop systems, making it the highest output amplifier commercially available today, and capable of running loops well in excess of 1300m2. The new amplifier also provides the highest available output voltage (50V) to enable large and complex cable arrays to be driven.

The new technology dramatically increases efficiency, halving maximum power consumption compared to existing amplifiers. With this high efficiency plus low heat dissipation, Ampetronic has been able to develop this high performance amplifier in a very compact 19” 1U case.

The ILD100G also offers a highly versatile set of input options, including three XLR inputs, two of which are configurable for line or microphone.

“The ILD1000G is a major step forwards for high performance large area induction loop systems, and another first for Ampetronic,” comments Ampetronic managing director Julian Pieters. “With this product we extend the possibilities for our customers, and provide a platform for future high performance high efficiency amplifiers”.

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