New Ampetronic Amplifiers Improve on the Best

Oct 11, 2010

The new additions to the Ampetronic family of audio induction loop drivers, evolved from the existing product range, have redesigned driver output stages that improve both thermal management and transformer efficiency. As a result, all three products deliver substantially greater performance while retaining the high voltage headroom and the reliability synonymous with Ampetronic.

The improved output substantially increases area coverage capabilities for little extra cost and, as a result, offer the lowest cost of ownership for any amplifiers in their class. The ILD500 shares the same physical form and inputs as the ILD252, but can deliver 9A peak (1kHz sine) compared to 7A for the ILD252, increasing area coverage by 70%. The overall power output is increased, with voltage at full output of over 20V, effectively the same as the ILD252.

The ILD300 shares the same physical form and inputs as the ILD122, but can deliver 7A peak (1kHz sine) compared to 5A for the ILD122, nearly doubling area coverage capability. Power output is increased with voltage rails only reducing to 9V (the ILD122 gives 10V).

Both amplifiers represent a substantial increase in output capability either for driving larger perimeter loop applications or where a high current is required - for example where high metal losses are experienced. They also benefit from improved audio processing circuitry, delivering excellent intelligibility and sound quality. The high power output levels are achieved within very compact and elegant cases, retaining Ampetronics’ excellent build quality and reliability. As with all their amplifiers, a 5 year warranty comes as standard.

The ILD 100 induction loop driver is built on the same proven technology platform as the Ampetronic ILD60 loop driver. It is a very compact, stylish unit with a substantially increased power output, capable of driving square looped areas of 120m2 making it suitable for a much broader range of applications.

The unit is designed to interface with televisions or audio systems with RCA / Phono connector outputs, or to take electret style unbalanced microphones. The ILD100 also retains configurable VOX switching, unique amongst comparable products, making it highly attractive for applications such as private homes, television rooms or waiting/reception areas.

“One of our major concerns is to make sure that our systems are of real benefit to the end user,” comments Ampetronic’s Commercial Director, Ken Hollands. “Intelligibility underpins the performance of all our systems. These new loop drivers are no exception. The real benefit is an increase in area coverage in excess of 45% for little extra expense making cost of ownership now even lower. And, as with all our amplifiers, the high voltage headroom means that they can be positioned some distance from the loop itself. This adds to installation flexibility and means that our systems can be used in places that most others can’t.

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