Loopworks from Ampetronic

Jan 25, 2021

Learn from the best hearing loop system design engineers in the world with Loopworks.

Loopworks gives access to expert hearing loop development and testing which is:

  • accessible
  • dependable
  • and minimises design costs

This suite of tools includes a powerful Design ToolMeasurement App, comprehensive training materials and direct access to our friendly and knowledgeable support team.

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Loopworks is unique in that it provides end-to-end solutions to your hearing loop projects that will save you time and money and showcase your standing as a hearing loop expert.

Loopworks Design training: Available now in the Loopworks Learn portal, this course demystifies the design and specification of hearing loop systems. This free course offers:

  • A comprehensive online experience using real world practical examples 
  • Easy to follow modules that can be taken at your own pace
  • Industry recognition as a Loop Designer with Avixa accreditation

Loopworks Measure: At the very heart of Loopworks functionality is a ground-breaking hearing loop test and measurement system, Loopworks Measure.

  • Complete ‘end-to-end’ measurement system
  • iOS compatible device based test platform
  • Online results processing, logging, reporting and sharing

Loopworks Measure enables you to automatically test and assess the functionality of a hearing loop system against Standards in the field, by providing instant feedback about performance each step of the way and allowing precise adjustment of amplifier settings directly from the app.

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