Auditing and testing

Generic System Auditing

If you wish to perform a test of your induction loop system, or you are consultants wishing to offer induction loop system auditing as part of maintenance contracts then Ampetronic can provide detailed instructions about how this should be performed and training on how to go about it.

Contact us for help with auditing any audio induction loop system performance against the IEC 60118-4 Standard.


Induction Loop System Audits by a Hearing Aid User

It is of course possible for a hearing impaired user to perform simple tests on an establishments hearing loop system and report their findings.

A hearing aid user can certainly report basic aspects of loop performance, such as whether the system is turned on, whether there is adequate signage and whether the signal provides intelligible sound, however hearing aids cannot be used for a full audit or Standard compliance system test.

Hearing aids are tailored to the individual needs of each user; therefore precise, calibrated readings cannot be taken. It is also essential that readings are taken to indicate field strength and frequency response when testing a system, which cannot be facilitated by a hearing aid.

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