How to choose an installer

Selecting a suitably qualified installation company or individual engineer to install and commission an induction loop system is vital if the system is to work correctly, comply with standard and most importantly – provide a genuine benefit to the hearing impaired users.

What to look for

It is essential that a professional induction loop specifier/installer advertises that their systems meet the IEC 60118-4 international standard for performance, and preferably that they have received training from a reputable organisation such as Ampetronic.
A well trained, experienced installer or system designer should ask questions, or identify information, in relation to the following topics before providing a quotation.

  1. How will the system be used by the hearing impaired; will the audience be seated or standing or moving around, if there is a defined seating area.
  2. What inputs are required; counter microphone(s), stage microphone(s), local television or AV input(s), mixing desk etc.
  3. Anything that is likely to interfere with the system; is there any metal in the buildings construction and are there any other induction loops operating nearby.
  4. Does the system need to be confidential; does it matter if people with hearing aids or receivers can pick up the signal outside the room or desired area.
  5. Exact dimensioned site drawings, or dimensioned plans of the area to be looped.

If you cannot find a reputable hearing loop installation company please contact us, we will supply the names of reputable engineers in your area.

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