Low loss array


Used to counter the effect of metal structures, or to achieve even field strength over large areas.


A series of loop rectangles laid in a specific method, with a second array laid over the top. The two arrays are driven with two amplifiers connected together. If designed carefully the result is an astonishingly even field coverage over a practically unlimited size of room, in the presence of metal or not. Overspill will be reduced from a perimeter loop substantially, but will still radiate up to 1 room width from the side of the room.


Requires careful design to achieve even coverage. Ampetronic can carry out this design for you, check your designs for free, or offer you training or advice for designing your own arrays. Using the HLS-2D Metal Loss Test Kit, to deliver a preset output level to give consistent test results,  combined with the Loopworks Measure R1 or Ampetronic FSMprovides an ideal aid to quick and simple site assessments.

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