Loop layouts

There are six basic types of loop layout for a hearing loop system which can be selected based on its intended function. See below.


What do these pictures mean?

Ampetronic colour plots show the distribution of magnetic field around a loop system, from the side or from above. Black is -40dB below the target field strength, effectively background noise only. Green areas meet the target field strength, white exceeds it. The plots give a good indication of how well a loop will meet the requirements for your application.

Overspill (counter) loop

  • One to one communications
  • Counters, reception desks, intercoms etc.
  • 1 small amplifier

Perimeter loop

  • Area coverage, spaces up to 25m wide with no metal loss
  • Area coverage, spaces up to 2-6m with metal loss (depends on level)
  • Spill allowed up to 4x width away
  • 1 loop amplifier required

Single array

  • Areas with metal loss but wider than 2-6m maximum
  • Only for fixed seating areas, e.g. theatre, classroom
  • 1 loop amplifier required

Cancellation loop

  • Areas suitable for a perimeter loop where spill control is required on one side only
  • Adjacent classrooms etc.
  • 1 loop amplifier required

Loss array loop

  • Large areas with metal loss
  • Areas in excess of 25m wide
  • Balconies in theatres

Ultra low spill array

  • Adjacent rooms
  • Confidentiality
  • Nearby interfering systems
  • Large areas with metal loss / in excess of 25m wide

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