Guide to Assistive Listening in Schools

Hearing assistance products such as hearing loop systems are a common sight in the UK. They have most traditionally been associated with the high street and venues used for entertainment and worship. However, people with hearing loss can greatly benefit from the provision of assistive listening systems in any space where listening is a challenge. School environments, where clear, intelligible communication is key to successful learning outcomes, are no exception 

In addition to a moral and practical imperative to make such provisions, the Equality Act 2010 presents a legal obligation. 

Ampetronic education

Assistive listening systems provide users with clearer hearing by providing a microphone pick-up of the desired audio source (in this case the teacher) which is closer than that contained within their hearing aid or cochlear implant. They can provide a transformational improvement in the user’s hearing experience. 

For information on how loops work click here

Assistive listening technologies for schools

Fixed area assistive listening solutions -  including hearing loops and/or infrared based systems

Reception and other service counters

Main school hall

Sports hall

Teaching spaces

Meeting rooms

For more information on hearing loop solutions click here, for infrared assistive listening solutions click here.

Personal portable radio systems -  including digital radio, analogue radio (FM863 MHz) and personal listeners

Personal portable radio systems can also be used in teaching spaces as an effective alternative to fixed systems, and personal listening devices can provide a benefit where the user is face-to-face with the talker:

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