Induction Loops in Vehicles

Oct 11, 2010

June 3rd 2003. Transport For London (TFL) review announces all new black taxi cabs MUST have induction loops fitted as standard.

The review looked at every area of the Conditions of Fitness and amendments have been made to improve safety, environmental and accessibility features including:

All new vehicle types to satisfy Disability Discrimination Act regulations and European M1 whole type vehicle approval.

Intercom and induction loop system to be compulsory immediately on all new vehicles and from January 2004 (intercom) and January 2007 (induction loop) on existing vehicles.

TFL will strengthen its monitoring of the existing vehicle suppliers to ensure they do not abuse their dominance of the market. TFL will be keen to encourage new suppliers into the market.

Extract courtesy of Transport For London.

Ampetronic manufactures induction loop equipment and has a wide range of knowledge and expertise covering all types of loop installation to enable you meet the Disability Discrimination Act requirements. For taxis, cars and similar vehicles, we manufacture the ILD20DC and ILD60DC amplifiers which are very easy to install and use. Both products are specially designed to compensate for and overcome losses due to metalwork which can be a serious problem with vehicles.

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