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Feb 5, 2018

There’s been a buzz about a performance standard which has been issued in Australia, called AS1428.5. Whilst this may be most recently introduced, comparable AS60118.4, an Australian adaptation for IEC60118-4 has been around for some time, and is a pre-existing international standard.

Referenced in national construction code (NCC), formerly known as building code of Australia (BCA), AS1428.5 relates to design for access and mobility, in new and renovated buildings. In this standard, particular attention is given, amongst other aspects, to ‘people with sensory disabilities’, including hearing loss.

Whilst it may usually seem safe to assume, that introducing a new standard, would raise the proverbial bar for all, it’s not always that straight forward. In this particular case, it’s worth remembering that this new standard is specific to an Australian market. Also in this particular case, whilst improving legislation purely for Australian specific regulations, perhaps conversely to expectations, this new standard holds perhaps lesser requirements, than comparable international forerunner, IEC60118-4. It is not safe therefore, to assume that meeting AS1428.5, also means compliance with IEC60118-4. Important to note, related AS60118.4, has not been superseded, and is still relevant.

Market leading international suppliers of audio solutions Ampetronic were thus faced with a slight dilemma. Whilst wanting to incorporate criteria to satisfy requirements of AS1428.5, this quality driven company, did not in doing so wish to erode existing standards already met for compliance with IEC60118-4. It has taken a little time, and a lot of engineering effort, to make sure products and services, can be compliant with both existing and new regulations. Compliance with both hasn’t been achieved to date by any competitor, ensuring Ampetronic’s solutions remain highest quality available, worldwide, and not just in Australia. Find out more at www.ampetronic.com.


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