Field Strength Meter

Oct 11, 2010

Ampetronic Launches New Field Strength Meter

Ampetronic, launch its new Field Strength Meter, a cost effective and simple solution for measuring, setting up and commissioning an induction loop system to the requirements of IEC60118-4.

“IEC60118-4 is the reference to which every induction loop installation should be tested,” explains Julian Pieters, Ampetronic’s managing director. “This has recently been revised and is currently being published around the world. The new revision places more stringent and specific requirements on installers, as well as on facilities managers, etc to set up, commission and maintain their loop systems.

“Many installers are tempted to cut corners and not do this testing properly, largely due to a lack of knowledge and the cost and the complexity of test equipment. We are tackling the lack of knowledge through training courses and other tools and materials. We are tackling the equipment problem with this new product, the IEC60118-4 Field Strength Meter (FSM).”

The FSM is intended to perform all the functions required for testing to the new standard, namely measuring background noise, field strength and frequency response. Ergonomically designed, it is simple to switch between these three calibrated operational modes. The FSM also doubles as a loop listener, with a headphone output to listen to the signal within the loop. It is supplied in a soft case with an audio CD with required test signals and full operating instructions, including a guide to commissioning. The FSM can be used to monitor, set up or commission any induction loop system regardless of the manufacturer or type.

“The FSM is about a third of the price of a full analyser and much simpler to use,” adds Pieters. “It does everything required and nothing more, making it hard to get things wrong and making set up and commissioning fast and reliable. The meter should also be suitable in both cost and simplicity for facilities managers to consider owning for regular checks on their system’s performance.

“There is nothing else on the market that puts all of this functionality into one low complexity package. We hope that this will make a real difference to the willingness to adopt proper test equipment, to set up systems to standard and consequently raise the level of performance across the industry.”


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