Electric Sound Partners with Ampetronic to Deliver Hearing Loop Solutions

Apr 18, 2016

Electric Sound Benelux, a subsidiary of the RRB group of companies, is pleased to announce its partnership with Ampetronic, the world’s leading developer of Hearing Loop technology.

The partnership will expand Electric Sound’s portfolio to include assistive listening technologies and the provision of comprehensive solutions and educational training to customers across the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The addition of induction loop technology compliments Electric Sound’s already established offering of leading audio brands.

Over the past 25 years Hearing Loops, also known as Induction Loops, have become the default assistive listening solution in Europe, Scandinavia, Australasia and the USA. This is primarily as a result of technological advances by Ampetronic and the efforts of people with hearing loss, who are demanding the benefits that this technology can bring to them.

A Hearing Loop system transmits an audio signal directly into a Telecoil hearing aid, reducing the need for an external receiver. The hearing aid becomes the receiver and the experience is enhanced as users receive sound tailored to their individual hearing loss requirements. Hearing Loop use is discrete as users don’t have to identify themselves and have no need to request or wear additional receivers.

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Hearing Loops can be installed in a variety of environments, from larger venues such as theatres, conference facilities and houses of worship to smaller, one-on-one communication settings such as at ticket counters and in meeting rooms. Hearing Loops can also benefit be installed in taxis, trains, buses and trams.

Commenting on the partnership, Ampetronic’s Managing Director Julian Pieters said:

“After 15 years of market development activities with our former partner TAU Audio Solutions, the time is now right to scale up our activities and capitalise on the growing Assistive Listening sector.

 We are delighted to partner with Electric Sound Benelux, a company that shares our commitment, not only to quality technology and market education, but also to improving the lives of people with hearing loss. Electric Sound Benelux understand the need to deliver standard compliant systems that provide a genuine benefit to the end user and are working closely with the Ampetronic team to ensure that they are fully trained in all aspects of the technology. Knowledge that they can pass on to their own clients”.

 About Electric Sound Benelux

Ton Kers, Electric Sound Benelux Managing Director commented:

Electric Sound Benelux has been focussed on the distribution of top quality professional audio systems for more than fifty years. Reliability, sound quality and audibility are the most important core values of the brands and products we carry.

 The distribution of Ampetronic has raised our portfolio up to an even higher level and allows us to meet the essential needs of a rapidly growing target group. Audibility, at any location, also for the hard of hearing, strengthens the communication and also offers an important contribution to the general public’s safety in case of emergencies. We are very enthusiastic about Ampetronic’s solutions and look forward to our partnership with the greatest of confidence.”

 About Ampetronic

Founded in 1987, Ampetronic are innovators in the full range of induction loop / hearing loop systems and technologies. As passionate advocates for technology solutions that improve the lives of those with hearing loss, Ampetronic design, manufacture and promote loop systems around the world. Key technologies include current drive and phase shift arrays.

For more information, visit www.ampetronic.com

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