Domestic Loop System Launched

Oct 11, 2010

The importance of induction loop systems for the hearing impaired in public buildings and other facilities is well documented, however the benefit loops bring in the home and office is less well understood. But this important application is now addressed by Ampetronic with the introduction of the new Ampetronic Domestic Loop System.

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Audible cues are just as important at home and work as anywhere else – be it doorbells, fire alarms, telephones or entertainment sources like television, radio, computers and iPods. The Domestic Loop System (DLS) allows the user to ensure the devices that need to be heard can all be combined at a suitable volume level, while unwanted background noise is filtered out. Inclusion of an alert or priority input allows high priority sounds such as a doorbell to come through loud and clear whatever else is being listened to, ensuring that the user never misses an important call or alarm.

With the DLS, Ampetronic has combined three key elements – proven high quality professional audio technology, excellent flexibility and ease of use – into a single, user friendly unit.

The DLS can combine up to four different, simultaneous sound sources for preferential hearing in the home or office. It transmits sound from the connected sources directly to a hearing aid or receiver via safe magnetic waves. The sound can be received from the DLS when the user is within a loop, which can vary in size from that of a single chair or sofa up to an area of 30m2 (a rather larger room or area can be used if a lower signal strength is acceptable).

An important part of the DLS design is that it is extremely compact. This ensures that it can be discreetly installed at a convenient location for connection of up to four input sources, without access to the unit’s controls being made difficult or getting in the way of other essential equipment.

For emergencies, the unit features a priority ‘alert’ input. When a sound is detected at that input, other sources are automatically overridden, ensuring that the sound – for example a fire alarm – will be heard by the user. An adjustable sensitivity control means that the alert function won’t be triggered accidentally.

Featuring overall volume and tone controls, the automatic gain balancing feature of the DLS ensures that volume levels of all sources are heard at consistent levels, whatever the volume of the original source. This has the added advantage of providing completely independent volume levels for the DLS user and others who are also using the same sound source – for example while a family is watching television. A headphone socket is also provided for testing and troubleshooting.

The DLS is supplied with a complete installation kit, comprising the unit itself, power supply, 30m of induction loop cable, fixing clips and a clip microphone with cable. Mini-jack and RCA cables are also included and the system can be installed by anyone – no electrical or audio experience is required.

A range of accessories is also available to make the DLS even more versatile. These include a 40cm square chair pad to create a localised field at a particular chair, sofa or desk, and a telephone adaptor to allow direct connection to a phone system, making calls easier and clearer for the user.

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