Compact Loop Driver

Oct 11, 2010

CLD1 - Compact Loop Driver Launch, 12th June 2006

We are pleased to announce a completely new Ampetronic loop amplifier, the CLD1. The CLD1 loop driver is very economical, versatile and compact, and designed for a wide range of local, one-to-one and small area systems.

This new addition to the Ampetronic product range opens up many new markets and provides exceptional value for money across the range of applications. The CLD1 provides the expected excellent level of quality and performance, as well as being designed to be compact and convenient, and all backed up by our 5 year warranty.   Currently 4 variants of the CLD1 are available, each one packaged in a smart printed box:

CLD1 Amplifier only

CLD1-TL Amplifier plus counter loop coil plus tieclip microphone

CLD1-DL Amplifier plus counter loop coil plus desktop microphone

CLD1-BM Amplifier plus counter loop coil plus boundary microphone

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