CLS2 Loop Driver

Oct 11, 2010

The provision of induction loop systems is a legal requirement in many public spaces, yet the electrical and A/V contractors who are frequently called upon to install such systems often find that lack of both space and specialised knowledge are major obstacles to providing the most effective loop systems.

So with a clear gap in the market for a compact, versatile and easily-installed induction loop driver, leading manufacturer Ampetronic has come up with the answer - the ultra-compact CLS2.

The first in a new series of loop drivers designed to meet the demands of installation contractors, the CLS2’s compact size of just 200mm x 200mm x 44mm is designed for discreet installation in virtually any environment. It is designed to be quick and simple to install, yet features three independently controlled feeds, with two priority alarm overrides, and can drive an induction loop covering an area of over 400m2.

Between them, the three audio feeds can accommodate balanced or unbalanced line inputs, microphones and 100V line sources, with the priority alarm inputs suitable for connection to emergency alert systems, doorbells or telephones.

All connections, inputs and controls are secured behind a tamper-proof cover, while three LEDs provide an immediate visual indication of the unit’s operational status.

With suggested applications ranging from churches and community centres to classrooms, board rooms and other meeting spaces, the power of the CLS2 means that it can overcome structural metal loss in smaller installations, which can prove an obstacle to effective induction loop operation.

Weighing just 1.8kg, the CLS2 is backed by Ampetronic’s standard five-year warranty and free expert technical support, making it a truly fit and forget solution.

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