AV on the move

Oct 11, 2010

An important aspect of the provision of audiovisual systems on transport vehicles is the requirement and legislation to provide accessibility, particularly through audio systems to passengers who may be hard of hearing. Julian Pieters, MD of Ampetronic: "Accessibility on transport is required by legislation as it is in public buildings; wherever it is reasonable to provide it. The benefit to the hard of hearing is often even greater, due to the high level of background noise, and the important nature of the audio announcements. It is simple to provide through use of induction loops and Ampetronic has installed systems in taxis, trams, buses and boats. Several countries are engaged in projects to roll out induction loop systems in their public transport networks over the next couple of years, and we will see this becoming increasingly standard. Visual indications have been widely adopted but are only capable of communicating scheduled, predictable information. Use of visual indicators still excludes hard of hearing people from access to PA announcements, safety information, and any two way communications such as passenger - driver communications."

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