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Ampetronic and Tonax working together in Denmark

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Ampetronic are delighted to announce Tonax (www.tonax.dk) as our new Danish distributor.

Tonax have a strong background of selling assistive listening products and have a bold presence in the Danish market, including work on prestigious Government led projects.

We are confident that Tonax will rise up to the challenge and carry on the good work that Lydrommet had started for us. We would like to wish Lydrommet every success with their new ventures and thank them for the great work they did whilst working with us and our customers.

Monday 1st of February will be Tonax’s first day as an Ampetronic distributor.

In addition we are delighted to tell you that René Knudsen will remain your main point of contact as the new Brand Manager for Ampetronic/WAV products at Tonax.

To contact Tonax:

Tonax A/S
Lundvej 24
8700 Horsens, Denmark
Phone: +45 86 89 80 29

E-mail: info@tonax.dk

René Knudsen
Sales and Product manager Ampetronic – Williams AV
Phone: +45 29 39 25 75

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