Ampetronic Takes the High Road

Oct 11, 2010

As well as manufacturing the industry’s most advanced induction loop systems, Newark-based Ampetronic promotes a comprehensive programme of education and technical support, to ensure that companies contracted to provide induction loops install, test and maintain them in the right manner and in full compliance with international standards.

One of its most recent events was at the end of October, when Ampetronic staged a training day at the premises of The Royal Society, Edinburgh, allowing delegates from across Scotland to benefit from the unsurpassed knowledge and experience of Ampetronic Design/Support Engineer Manager Richard Brooks and Design Engineer James Bottrill.

With assistance in raising awareness of the event from Louis Grace, Ampetronic’s Glasgow-based distributor, delegates from as far afield as Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and Falkirk convened for an informative day of theoretical and practical learning on all the essential elements of successful induction loop installation.

These included the principles of AFILS (Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems); current standards and legislation; induction loop design and solutions; practical installation methods; commissioning; testing and fault finding - all with best practise and current international standards as the central theme.

As well as design and installation advice, many topics were covered which may not at first seem obvious, but which are all fundamental to high quality loop installations and simple to address. For example, if carpet fitters are made aware that an induction loop is installed, they are considerably less likely to accidentally cut through it and therefore make repairs necessary.

“We take education extremely seriously,” says Ampetronic Managing Director Julian Pieters. “It is very easy to install an induction loop in such a way that the hearing impaired get less than maximum benefit.

“However, it is just as easy to ensure they do derive maximum benefit, if the installer has the prior knowledge of how to do it correctly and in full compliance with current international standards. In our one day training courses we cover all the most important points of how to achieve this.”

Kelly Gibson of Gloucester-based Revolution Multimedia was one of the training day delegates. He comments,”I consider Ampetronic to be the leading induction loop system manufacturer in the country and the only one I know of who offers this level of training to installers at a reasonable price. I was interested in the training day because I wanted to ensure my knowledge of AFILS installation stays sharp.

“Providing hearing assistance to hearing-impaired people is a serious matter, which too often seems to be relegated to an electrician putting a tick in a box on a building site. Having friends who are deaf, I know how important it is for them to feel they are part of what is going on around them, and a properly-functioning induction loop system can significantly contribute to their integration in conversation and presentations alike.

“The more efficient the induction loop system is, the more likely people who make use of it are to benefit, increasing their personal confidence that they are valuable in our society. I believe Ampetronic’s training class will prove to be instrumental in me being able to provide a better service to my clientele.”

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