Happiness is – seeing the expression on a customers face when they first witness the benefit of upgrading to an Ampetronic Induction Loop system.

It’s very rewarding selling and installing a product line that you can confidently offer, safe in the knowledge it will genuinely provide the best possible user experience.

Adrian Mason


Avelec Solutions Ltd


With Ampetronic you’ll have the confidence and certainty that your projects will always deliver the best result.

With the powerful design tool Loopworks, their state of the art drivers and commissioning process there’s no project too complex.

Carl Hilton

Sennberg AB


I can’t thank Ampetronic enough for the encouragement and support they gave me when I set myself the task of writing about hearing loops in layman’s language for hearing aid users and owners of small businesses. They made sure the information was accurate and up-to-date despite my own lack of expertise. Thank you all!

Hilary McColl

Communic8te Bury / Ideas for Ears

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