Loopworks actually fulfils everything I need. I work with an infinite number of configuration tools, most of them audio DSP. All have their weaknesses. But Loopworks is really well thought out and I haven’t really found anything else I would need.

Sven Georgi

Fertigung / Service / Qualitätsmanagement

Sigma & TBL Kommunikationstechnik GmbH


Happiness is – seeing the expression on a customers face when they first witness the benefit of upgrading to an Ampetronic Induction Loop system.

It’s very rewarding selling and installing a product line that you can confidently offer, safe in the knowledge it will genuinely provide the best possible user experience.

Adrian Mason


Avelec Solutions Ltd


We recently worked with the team at Ampetronic on a recent new Museum installation that required custom designs for the various types of exhibits installing into an historical building.

Chris Dale and the engineers provided detailed information and did extensive modeling to tailor the solutions to meet all the client’s needs. Their support during installation was phenomenal and we are looking forward to the next installation with them.

Erin Powell

Program Manager

ATK Services