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Update C Series firmware to v1.2 and transform the way you test loops with LoopLink from Ampetronic

C Series Firmware Diver Update C Series v1.2
Release date: November 2019
Priority: High. Please apply to all models.

For detailed description of changes and instructions on how to install the driver update see https://www.ampetronic.com/firmware-upgrades/

Connect to C Series networkable drivers via LoopLink

  • Control the test signal of a C Series driver from the app
  • Associate a C Series driver with a project/system
  • Provide a quick link to the C Series driver’s web interface for more advanced controls

Transform the way you test loops with LoopLink from Ampetronic

  • Automatic control of test signals on Ampetronic networkable loop drivers
  • Commission and re-test hearing loops with minimum time and effort
  • Fast, responsive, joined up loop measurement system
Loopworks Measure LoopLink streamlines loop system test and commissioning by automating control of network connected drivers built-in test signals.

Upgrade your Loopworks Measure app now via the App store

Loopworks™ Measure makes it possible for you to test the functionality and performance of a hearing loop against standards in the field, store and issue reports online and provide system certification.

Used in combination with Ampetronic C Series networkable drivers, Loopworks Measure enables you to control the driver remotely to test the system for fast and convenient commissioning and monitoring.

Loopworks Measure App and R1 Field Strength Meter:
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Standard measurement modes
  • Record audio samples
  • Automated test result “Pass / Fail” Verdict system
  • Built in protocols for standard test routines for
    • Quick system checks
    • Commissioning
    • Site assessments
  • Automatically generated reports
  • Commissioning certificates, branded with your own company logo.
  • Project and system structure shared with Loopworks Design

“Simple, powerful functionality at your fingertips“


For more information on Ampetronic and Loopworks suite of online tools, visit Ampetronic.co contact our friendly and knowledgeable team on
+44 (0)1636 610062 or email support@ampetronic.co

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