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The ILR3+ is the ideal tool to ensure that an induction loop system is regularly monitored. Far too many loop systems fail because the staff responsible for them do not know how to use it, and have no way to tell if it is working. Providing this simple receiver and monitor, any user can follow very simple instructions to check that the loop is working as it should.

The ILR3+ is a high quality receiver to allow the user to listen on headphones to a loop system. With the addition of 2 LEDs, the user can also monitor the signal strength to check that it is within the correct range as defined by the standard IEC 60118-4:2006 as well as listen to the audio quality.

The ILR3+ provides facility managers with an affordable tool to routinely check the performance of their loop systems in accordance with the recommendations made in the standard. An ILR3+ is essential for any loop system and should be provided with every installation, as specified in IEC 60118-4.

In addition, it complements our FSM and CMR3 test equipment and further demonstrates our commitment to IEC 60118-4:2006. A simple instruction leaflet is included to guide non-technical staff through the loop checking process (see attached document).

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